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an Upcoming Novel by Amy Reedy Asbjørnsen

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February 6th, 2019


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"The Last Wife" is now an official Semifinalist in ScreenCraft's Cinematic Book Contest!


May 2, 2017

The new Book Trailer has arrived for The Last Wife! (formerly Dandelion Dead)

Join all the fun and watch now in ultra high definition 4K.

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Wheat Field

What is "The Last Wife"?

Feb. 4, 2017

After the fall of society, Charlie is captured by a group of escaped convicts camped out in the wilderness, where she's forced to become a "wife." But when she falls in love with fellow-wife Chandler, a seventeen-year-old boy, the two decide to rise up against their captors. It's The Handmaid's Tale meets The Road.

In first-person narration that alternates between Charlie and Chandler, this upcoming speculative fiction is a romantic-thriller packed with secret codes, slaughter, and Stockholm Syndrome. It's a story of survivors of the end of the world, paralleled with themes of surviving sexual abuse.


Tapping into our current-day culture of reexamining oppression, gender roles, and sexual fluidity, The Last Wife brings us along as Charlie and Chandler take their power back, and all in an exciting post-apocalyptic landscape. But will they be able to pull the trigger on their captors?


And even if they do, have Charlie and Chandler already lost themselves – and each other – in the process of just trying to survive?

Sneak Peak into the World

of "Dandelion Dead"!

Jan. 28, 2017

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Charlie's Secret Code

Chandler's Map of Camp Niño

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